We're Worthington Assembly Inc. (WAi) a quick turn electronics manufacturer in South Deerfield, MA.


Our Story


Let's begin with some history. In the fall of 1974, Cyborg Inc. out of Boston Massachusetts was looking for somebody that could help them assemble their new product designed with a circuit board. Tom Quinn, the founder of WAi, was up to the task and started Moronics Inc. (Now WAi) to support the electronics assembly operation for Cyborg Inc.

"It literally started in the bedroom." Explains Tom Quinn, now retired from WAi. "We saw the potential and worked hard at it from the start..." at the time, Tom did not even know how to assemble circuit boards, but he figured it out quick enough.

WAi has changed a lot since then. Finally moving from Tom's bedroom into a small barn in the hills of western Massachusetts to expand their operation, WAi was able to produce as many as 50 boards per week! 

Obviously the pace of work had to change in order to survive. A few years ago, Tom sold the business to Neil Scanlon and Rafal Dybacki, business partners interested in keeping manufacturing jobs local to their community. Under Neil and Rafal's direction, WAi has further modernized and is now in a state of the art facility in South Deerfield MA. But we have not lost that same spirit Tom had back in 1974. Provide a quality service, on time, and make a little money while doing so.

We're not afraid of change. We've been in business since 1976 and we haven't managed to survive by staying put. When we see there is a more efficient method of accomplishing a task, we don't hold back from making the necessary changes.

The Old Barn

We're proud of who we are and proud of what we've built. We have employees working for us who have been here 12, 15, even 25+ years. They are skilled and adept at what they do. They're flexible and willing to adjust to the growing demands placed on them by our customers and our competition. That's the only kind of people you can have working for you if you wanted to stay in business 40+ years.

Worthington Assembly's building after a snow storm

Worthington Assembly's building after a snow storm