Turn-Key Production

When it comes time to order your circuit board assemblies, let Worthington Assembly handle all of the sourcing for you. We have spent decades developing relationships with suppliers to make sure they meet our strict requirements. Our component suppliers perform a great deal of value added services for us that help us be more efficient, which means you’ll ultimately get your assemblies faster.

We monitor our PCB supplier’s quality closely to ensure that the individual bare circuit boards that go into your finished assembly are of the highest quality. That’s why we insist on gathering so much information from our customers about their PCB requirements.

In some circumstances we do allow our customers to send us material. If you’d like to send us your material, please visit our consigned material page which details how exactly we need the material sent to us.

Shoot us an email at info@worthingtonassembly.com or give us a call at (413) 397-8260. Or better yet, visit our Request A Quote page.