Welcome Creators! We are Worthington Assembly, an electronics manufacturer in Massachusetts, USA. We are a small team, energized by the amazing work of the Kickstarter community.

If you are making a hardware product, you're going to be so happy you found us. We are the exclusive contract manufacturer for CircuitHub. We helped create CircuitHub to eliminate the tired process of emailing files, waiting days for quotes, losing conversations in emails, etc. There's no salespeople in the middle to pay, no purchasing agent charging you an insane markup, no arbiter of conversation that you have to go through any time somebody has a question. You discuss the assembly directly with the people on the factory floor that are building your product. CircuitHub is absolutely the best way to order circuit board assemblies.

So if you have (or are expecting to have) a successful campaign and are now looking to stretch a slim budget, you will find the pricing through CircuitHub to be very impressive.

If you're curious about how CircuitHub works, we put together this basic instructional video.

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Successful Campaigns

Directly or through CircuitHub we have helped a lot of successful Kickstarter campaigns to fulfill their orders. Here's just a small sampling.

Conflict Free Sourcing

Worthington Assembly is committed to only working with solder suppliers who have an Environmental Policy and/or a Conflict Free Sourcing Policy. Not all of our competitors care about such an initiative. We hope this matters to our customers but at the end of the day, it's just the right thing to do. For more information please visit our Conflict Free page.