This is the first post for The WAi Blog. This will be a running blog that will be updated daily. It has no specific subject but will generally follow the pattern of things we’re interested in. A post could be about some interesting things happening here at WAi or it could be a quote that we like. Either way, we’ll try to keep it interesting and exciting for anybody interested in getting to know us better. We hope you enjoy reading these posts. We’re excited to write them. We’ve been wanting to do this for a long time but ultimately “never got around to it”. Finally, after I (Chris Denney) read a recent book called “Do the Work ” by Steven Pressfield, I was supremely inspired by the forward, written by Seth Godin.

Right there, in your driveway, is a really fast car. Not one of those stupid Hamptons-style, rich guy, showy cars like a Ferrari, but an honest fast car, perhaps a Suburu WRX. And here are the keys. Now go drive it.

Right there, on the runway, is a private jet, ready to fly you where you want to go. Here’s the pilot, standing by.

Go. Leave.

Right there, in your hand, is a Chicago Pneumatics 0651 hammer. You can drive a nail through just about anything with it, again and again if you choose. Time to uses it.

And here’s a keyboard, connected to the entire world. Here’s a publishing platform you can use to interact with just about anyone, just about any time, for free. You wanted a level playing field, one where you have just as good a shot as anyone else? Here it is. Do the work.

- Seth Godin

And he’s absolutely right. I have a keyboard and a connection to nearly half the world’s population. So it’s about time we start sharing our thoughts on business, manufacturing, electronics… anything that interests us. We hope you enjoy.