Link: Built To Not Last

Built To Not Last I really enjoyed this article by Kyle Baxter.

This was a rebuttle to the argument made by some that insist that technology products should last a decade, and faults manufacturers for not building products that will last that long. But Kyle makes the point that that sounds more like dystopia rather than utopia. It's a short read but wonderful. I especially liked his last paragraph.

I don’t think purchasing a new tablet every couple years is a concern. I do think, though, that purchasing a new one without rationally considering why is. To benefit from new technology, we have to cooly think through its use and how it will improve our lives. Otherwise, it’s just another gizmo that does little tricks and is put away in the closet after it stops amusing us. And otherwise, technology is something that isn’t used for the betterment of our lives. Technology is not inherently good. It’s amoral. How we use it defines whether it’s good or not.