We Have A New Website

It had recently come to our attention that our website was a bit... long in the tooth. So we spent some time over the holiday break to update our website.

The short story is, we have a fresh new look and the layout is much simpler and should load much faster.

The long story is that we were formerly hosted on HostGator and used Wordpress as our content management system. This worked ok, and was SUPER cheap, but there's so much management with Wordpress. We would get so much spam that we had to turn off our commenting system. Plus, in order to get things to render properly in all browsers we had to constantly edit the code that displays the page. The worst part is that whenever we had to perform an update to the theme (which was quite often) we'd have to re-edit the code every time. Eventually, we just got tired of dealing with it and let it languish. And something as important as a website should not be neglected. 

I've been hearing ads for Squarespace for years. They even had a commercial for the 2014 Super Bowl. I had avoided trying it because I didn't want to learn something new. But after playing with it for just 30 minutes, I felt like an expert. The software is really impressive and the mobile app for putting together blog posts is really slick. So we decided to switch over to Squarespace for hosting our website and we're pleased with the results. If you haven't checked it out head on over to www.worthingtonassembly.com and take a look.

For those of you who subscribed to the blog via email, nothing should change except the delivery system of the email. You'll be getting the emails from MailChimp now and the format should look a little different. For those of you that subscribed via RSS, you will need to update your RSS URL. I'm just not technically astute enough to know how to automatically do this. And if you're reading this, you're presumably interested enough to want to resubscribe manually. The new URL is http://www.worthingtonassembly.com/blog/?format=rss

Thank you all for reading this blog and if you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.