New Website

WAi has a new website. We've been working pretty hard at this over the past few weeks. Our goal with the website was to keep it very simple. We want to make sure our visitors are not distracted by too much stuff like so many other websites. We wanted our visitors to see exactly what we do, right away. So when you navigate to our homepage the first thing you'll see are example of circuit boards that we have built and a description of the type of technology involved in their design and manufacture. This should make it clear right away what it is that we do and not distract.

Secondly, we wanted to say something about the type of businesses we are. So right below the pictures of products we have a History page, an About page, and a Future page. These pages are about our business, where we came from, who we are, and where we're headed, respectively. These pages will change, because we will change as a business.

Finally, up top we have a listing of different categories of our website. You'll see the 3 pages mentioned before, a contact page, a link to our blog as well as a link to the various technologies we work with. These pages will expand in the future. Our goal is to keep things very simple but give enough information so that anybody finding us from a search engine or a referral will have confidence that they can contact us for their manufacturing needs.

We built this website entirely by ourselves. We signed up with a server host, bought a website theme, and built it from that foundation. It was really very easy and if you, dear reader, have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us using our contact page!