Assembled in USA

Interesting piece of news from the NY Times. Looks like Google is attempting an experiment that I can't help but feel thrilled about. They're actually assembling their Nexus Q in the United States. I think it will be a success. Truth is, assembling the product in the US will cost them more initially. But it's likely that it will give them much greater flexibility and speed. Plus, they can just drive down the road and figure out any issues that might be happening. No waiting on "the slow boat" or paying hundreds of dollars to overnight packages. There are major benefits to assembling your product close by where you design the product. This inspired us here. So just 10 minutes ago we ordered 1,000 "Assembled in USA" stickers. These will go on every one of the packages we ship out. Hopefully it will inspire our customers too.

Shun Fujimoto

Shun Fujimoto is the personification of delivering results while enduring the pain. Although Mr. Fujimoto had recently broken his leg and was given a full leg cast from his hip down to his toe, he did not back out of the 1976 Olympics. Rather than waiting 4 years and hoping to compete in 1980, he pushed through and endured the pain. His performance was so remarkable and inspiring, that his team went one to win their gold medal. [youtube]

The pain when I landed was terrible. It brought tears to my eyes. But I did it. I got my gold medal, and now the pain is gone.

Hopefully none of us will ever have a serious leg injury like Mr. Fujimoto but many of us endure what seems painful every single day. If you're working on a difficult problem at work and think it might be better to just give up on it, remember Shun Fujimoto.