Why we left our factories in China

Why we left our factories in China Here's a feel good story for your weekend. Sleek Audio, maker of customizable earphones, recently moved most of their manufacturing back to the United States from China. I like the phrase they use "reshoring". Fortune has the article so click the link to learn more.

I'm seeing more and more of this. OEM's are getting fed up with the hassles of dealing with a factory many many miles away. Even with the flattening of the world, it's still difficult for a relatively small company to manage their manufacturing operation when they are so far away. And even then, who are you dealing with at your contract manufacturer. Probably the fabled "account manager", who speaks the English language, but doesn't communicate all that well, and can't even get you answers because the rest of the group won't be in until 2AM your time. Give me a break!

We need next generation manufacturers. Companies that will step up and compete and offer you real service. When you call Worthington Assembly, you get Neil Scanlon, the company's president. Something tells me your "account manager" won't be able to help you quite as well.