What's Happening to U.S. Manufacturing

What's Happening to U.S. Manufacturing Interesting article by Michele Nash on The Huffington Post. It's well written and has some rather depressing statistics about American manufacturing. But I wish she had spent more time speaking about what to do about it.

Honestly, it's not easy. There's not a very good answer. And I suspect it would take many good answers to fix the very real issues American faces in the manufacturing sector.

I think a return to boutique manufacturing is probably one of the better answers. What do I mean by boutique manufacturing? Basically, take our friend the blacksmith as an example. He did not have huge volumes of product that he pushed out constantly. He was a craftsman. He was careful about what he produced and what he produced was often of the highest quality, but it took him a long time. Now mix his craftsman style with yesteryears high volume manufacturers, and you get something like us. A boutique manufacturer or a "Next Generation Manufacturer" as we like to call ourselves. We're available, local, competitive, and interested in making a piece of jewelry, so to speak, with everything we ship. We will do this with great skill and care like a blacksmith, but with high efficiency and speed like a volume manufacturer, by utilizing modern robotics. Many of these modern robotic pieces of equipment would never have been possible to build in the era that all of the big companies were moving their manufacturing offshore. Had they stuck it out for 5-10 years, I think we might be seeing a very different manufacturing sector today. But I digress...

We're manufacturing, and we're growing. We're staying here in the US. Our interest is in providing jobs for people and showing these big guys that it can be done. They just have to try and not make lame excuses for why they want to outsource.