China Inc. Hits a Snag

Interesting piece by Mike Buetow over at Hot Wires. Sounds like China's beginning to taste the sweet nectar of letting corporations take care of their people instead of the government taking care of the people. There's apparently a new round of fees levied by China on MNCs doing business in China. Apparently this has caused hundreds of businesses to go under already with thousands more poised to go under as well.

Don't you just love having your manufacturing operation in the Wild Wild East. Now believe me, I personally feel that globalization in the long run is a good thing. It will be beneficial for humanity as a whole. But at the end of the day, if you're trying to find a good supplier to make your product or sub-assemblies, do you really want to have to think about and manage these types of things? You are in the states, your customers are in the states, why not have your products manufactured in the states. Deal with an operation that's easy to get along with and speakers your language, both figuratively and literally. It's not anti-globalization, it's just good business.